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About the stay - Try Medics hospital internship abroad

About the stay

Learn more about your hospital internship stay here

Support before departure

We will guide you throughout your preparation for your trip and you will always be able to contact us by phone or email. After signing up you will receive a preparation guide which explains things you need to do before departure in detail. This includes vaccinations, insurance, air ticket and more. In addition you will also be put into a facebook group for your chosen departure. In the group you will be able to see and write with all your fellow students that you will be going with on the program. We encourage you to arrange flight tickets together if you are from the same country.

Support on the destination

When you arrive at your chosen destination you will be welcomed by our local team. We have established a safe and relaxed family environment on each destination to enhance your exploration and learning experience. Our dedicated program manager will make sure you get properly introduced to the hospital and the mentors involved. The program manager will constantly follow up on your progress and be there during the whole of your stay. The manager is also helpful with good advices on fun local activities you and your fellow students can go on. You will be staying in the Try Medics house with the rest of your Try Medics group. In addition to the program manager there will be chefs, housekeepers, drivers and security guards at the house to ensure that your focus only needs to be on your medical internship.

Your internship

The first Monday of your placement is an orientation day where you will be shown around the hospital and city you will be living in. Your internship at your assigned department will start the day after.


Living with people who share the same interest as one is always fun. All our houses have large gardens, cool places for relaxation and plenty of space to socialize with your fellow Try Medics students. Whether you want to sunbathe in the garden or play a fun game on the veranda there is ample opportunity for both. There is wifi and tv in the houses so you can do movie nights and stay in contact with those at home! We experience strong bonds and new friendships for life being made among students. It’s therefore safe to go on the program alone!


During your placement our dedicated chefs will make morning and evening meals for you. They will cook local meals but there will also be room for a burger or other homely food in between. If you have dietary requirements the chefs will do their best to fulfill them. Just let us know when you sign up.


Your safety is our highest priority. Many meet Africa for the first time which can be overwhelming. Try Medics destinations are generally safe and quiet areas. Try Medics houses provides a safe framework with security guards around the clock.

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