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Diving on Zanzibar's amazing Mnemba Atoll - Try Medics

Diving on Zanzibar's amazing Mnemba Atoll

Feb 2, 2017, Cecilie Pretzmann, Pre-medicine

During my internship on the pre-medicine program with Try Medics in Zanzibar I spent one day diving at the amazing reef Mnemba Atoll located on the northeastern coast.

The day started early, when our driver Ibra drove me and three of my fellow students from the Try Medics house to Stone Town. Here we met up with our sweet Program Manager Maria who was going to dive with us. The trip to the dive site went fast and we arrived at a nice resort / PADI diving center in Matemwe Muyuni. The dive center is called Dive Point Zanzibar and the staff was very helpful. It did not take long before we all had our equipment and were ready to go down to the boat we were to sail to the atoll in.

Maria our Program Manager had dived before and I was previously certified so we  each got a divemaster who were to guide us around the reef. The other three girls was doing a DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) and had done theory and practise in the pool by the Try Medics house the day before. The instructors were very professional and everything was well organized. This helps a lot if you are a little nervous or excited about the situation. Diving on Zanzibar can definitely be recommended.

The dives themselves were indescribable. We arrived Mnemba Atoll in turquoise blue water with a clear bottom so you could see everything with the naked eye from the boat. We had two dives with approx. 45-50 minute under water per dive. We dived in two different areas. We saw many fish including Dragonfish, Clownfish and Octopus. I was even lucky enough to see a Sea Turtle and Dolphins – Wild experience! I can not help but recommend diving on Zanzibar during one’s stay. A bonus is that it’s not particularly expensive. it’s also a good idea to take an underwater camera with you which we unfortunately forgot 🙁

  • Cecilie Pretzmann, Pre-medicine

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