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Uganda - Try Medics

Would you like a internship in a tropical setting and fascinating nature?

Come on a internship at a university hospital in the cozy retreat town of Mbarara, Uganda. The hospital internship is the primary focus when choosing a stay in Uganda but we make sure you and your fellow students will also get to experience Uganda’s many possibilities in your spare time. Included in your stay is a weekend safari where you will experience Uganda’s rich wildlife. Furthermore a weekend trip will be organized to The White Nile river where you will get the opportunity to river raft, bungee jump, quad bike, horseback ride and more. Read below about the activities included in your stay and the optional activities you can add to your placement. All activities can be experienced on a 4 week placement! if you choose a longer stay you can experience the activities several times.

Included activities in Uganda


On this trip you will get to experience the animals you saw in the lion king on the savannah in Uganda. These include elephants, hippos, antelope and more. Besides doing game drive you will go on a walk through the forest of Queen Elizabeth National Park which is home to six families of chimpanzees and there is a very good chance you’ll encounter them! The trip starts on Friday after you have finished your hospital day and ends Sunday evening.

Dance Show

During your stay a traditional dance group will come by the Try Medics house to give you a show. The show takes place one afternoon when you hospital day has ended. There will even be a chance to learn some moves!

Orphanage Visit

A 10 minute walk from the Try Medics house is an orphanage which has over a 100 kids aged 0-7 years. We arrange a visit to the orphanage one afternoon. You will be able to visit the orphanage several times at your convenience around your hospital placement. The kids are always playful and nice to visit. If you have toys or anything else you would like to donate it will be much appreciated.

Church On Sunday

On Sundays you and your fellow Try Medics students have the opportunity to go to church where there will be a gospel choir. Going to church on a Sunday in Uganda is a unique experience. A great opportunity if you have never tried it before.

School Visit

You will have the opportunity to visit a school around your hospital placement. The school is for kids from 3-12 years. If you have the courage you and your fellow Try Medics students could arrange a lesson or sports activity for the kids together with the school. This would be done one afternoon.


Optional activities in Uganda

White Nile River

Weekend trip to the White Nile River

Do you want to river raft, bungee jump, horseback ride, kayak and quad bike by the White Nile River? All of this is possible on our 4 days extended weekend trip to Jinja.

The trip starts Friday morning in your third week with departure from the Try Medics house to Jinja. You will arrive in the afternoon where your journey starts with a tandem kayak trip on the Nile. Always something we witness student having a lot of fun doing! After enjoying a cold soda on the river’s center. you will go down the stream with the opportunity to see blue monkeys along the Nile’s width.

After spending the night at a lodge near the river you will walk up to a adrenalin packed day. The day starts of with an one hour horseback ride. The horses are well trained and suitable for all levels. Before your ride you will be trained in how to control your horse and the ride will take place with a guide at the pace you feel comfortable. The horseback ride is a unique opportunity to experience the Nile in an idyllic way.

After a good lunch it is time for two hour quad biking tour along the Nile’s beautiful scenery. Be prepared to get your adrenalin up.

To top the day it ends with you having the opportunity to bungee jump! With the highest standards of equipment, this bungee jump offers a 44-meter jump over the Nile. The place specializes in normal jumps, pair jumps and jumps where you strike the water. So whether you want to jump yourself, with a friend or get your hair wet it is up to you. The bungee jump is something you choose and pay for at the location so you do not have to decide to jump before the trip!

On the third day you will come on a full day trip river rafting on the Nile. The trip is considered one of the funniest and wildest one-day rafting tours in the world. The trip requires no pre-experience. Together with your fellow Try Medics students your guide will take you through basic exercises before going on the Nile.  

Afterr a good breakfast on the fourth day you will drive back to the Try Medics house in Mbarara around 10 o’clock so you are well off to start your hospital internship again the following day.

The trip cost 485€ and includes the following;

Day 1;

– Transport from Try Medics House to Jinja

– Packed lunch

– Afternoon kayak trip on the Nile

– Accommodation

Day 2;

– 1 hour horseback riding

– 2 hours quadbike safari

– Possibility of Bungee jumper (not included in the package, but can be chosen during the trip and costs 100€)

– Accommodation

Day 3;

– All meals

– Whole-day rafting tour

– Accommodation

Day 4;

– Breakfast & packed lunch

– Transport to the Try Medics house

The trip can be decided and paid for during your placement


A 15 min walk from the Try Medics house is a large public outdoor swimming pool. There will be plenty of opportunity enjoy the tropical weather and have a cold dip in the pool. A day ticket cost 1€. A good option for you and your fellow Try Medics students after a day at the hospital.

Local Market

Come with our chef and see the local market. Here you will be able to strike a good bargain! This can be done a suitable time for you and your fellow students around your hospital placement.

Example of an 4 weeks schedule over the activities around the hospital internship

Our house in Uganda

You will be staying with all your fellow students in our large Try Medics house. The house is a 25 minute walk from the hospital. It has a big garden, cool places for relaxation and great space to socialize after a good day at the hospital. The rooms are all self-contained and has mosquito nets on all bunk beds.  Furthermore it has tv and wifi so you can enjoy a movie in the evening and keep in touch with those at home! We experience a great bond and new friendships for life being made between students as all have a common interest in healthcare. It’s therefore safe to go on the program alone!

Sounds like something for you?

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