Get answers about your hospital internship The preparation, the departure and the stay itself

Q: When should I sign up for a hospital internship?

A: Try Medics recommend that you sign up as early as possible since the internships are often sold-out.

By signing up early you have plenty of time to prepare for your internship which for example includes getting the necessary vaccinations and buying your flight ticket.

Flight ticket fares are always more expensive the closer you get to your departure date.  Booking and buying your flight early can save you some money.

When signing up you have to pay a deposit of 670€. Have you paid the deposit and should you wish to cancel your trip you will get the full deposit refunded if your cancellation happens above 90 days to your departure.

Q: Do I need to have any prior hospital experiences?

A: No you do not need to have any previous medical experiences for going on our internship.

It is of course always nice with some background knowledge but our hospital mentors know that there will be interns with and interns without any previous experiences and they welcome you all!

Q: Is it mandatory to speak any of the local languages?

A: No but you do need to be able to speak and understand English. All the mentors at the hospitals and Try Medics staff speaks English.

Q: How well must my English be?

A: As a starting point we recommend that you have had English in secondary school. However you will follow your mentor along with fellow students during your internship so in cases there is something you did not quite catch you can ask your fellow student or have your mentor to recur.

Q: Can I travel with friends?

A: Yes by all means – but you won’t have to.

From day one you will make new friendships with your fellow students who all share your interest in the health sector.

If you are in a group of minimum 5 people traveling together you get 10% discount on the placement price.

Q: Is the destinations safe?
A: Your safety is our highest priority. All our destinations are carefully picked in calm safe areas. You will at both destinations be met with a smile and helping hand by the local people. There are certain precautions to take when travelling to Africa as there is a big gap between rich and poor. Our program manager on the destination will brief you on the ‘Do’s and don’ts’ on your arrival.

Q: What should I make sure of before my placement?

A: Before your departure we will guide you through what you need to prepare for your trip which for example includes vaccination, travel insurance, flight ticket and what to pack. You will receive the preparation guide as soon as you are signed up and be able to contact us ongoing if you have any questions about your placement. Further you will be put into a facebook group for your fellow students who you will be undergoing your placement with.

Q: Should I apply for a visa before my stay?

A: If you choose a placement on Zanzibar you will receive your visa upon arrival to Zanzibar airport. The fee on Zanzibar for Visa and business pass which is required to undergo an internship is 250$.

If you choose a placement in Uganda you have to apply for visa online before your departure. The process is very easy and we will send you a guide on how to apply when you are signed up. Normally you get your application approved within 7 days from applying. The fee for visa in Uganda is 50$ which has to be paid in cash upon arrival to Entebbe airport, Uganda.

Q: What clothes should I bring?

A: Once you have signed up you will receive a preparation guide which contains a recommended packing list for your placement.

You should obviously bring clothing appropriate to the warm weather conditions since all destinations are in tropical surroundings.

On Zanzibar it is not mandatory but considered respectful to wear clothing that cover your shoulders and knees when you are moving around in the city of Stone Town.

Fear not! as there will be ample opportunities to slip into your tank top and shorts as soon as you are on the beach areas or relaxing at the Try Medics house.

Q: When should I arrive at the destination?

A: All internships starts on Mondays. You must arrive at the destination on the Sunday before no later than 4pm on Zanzibar and 2pm in Uganda. On arrival you will be welcomed by a Try Medics employee who will safely take you to the local Try Medics house.

Q: Which airport should I fly out to?

A: If you are going on a hospital internship in Uganda you will fly to Entebbe airport, Uganda where you will be welcomed and safely transported by a Try Medics employee to the Try Medics house. The drive to the Try Medics house takes around 4 hours and you will be transported together with your new fellow students.

Once you have signed up for an internship you will be put into a Facebook group for those you will be going on the placement with. In your facebook group you can arrange to book flight tickets together so you are not flying alone to your destination.

If you are going on a hospital internship on Zanzibar you have to fly out to Zanzibar airport.

Alternatively you could fly to Dar es Salaam airport and take the ferry to Zanzibar. Ferry ride takes about an hour and a half.

We are here to help you throughout all your preparation to your trip and we will assist you in finding a suitable flight to and from your internship destination.

Q: Where and how will I stay?

A: You will be staying in Try Medics’ house together with your fellow students. You will be 2-6 persons per room with private toilet and shower. All Try Medics houses have nice large gardens, cool relaxation places and wi-fi, so you can keep in touch with those at home!

Q: When does my internship end and when should I fly home?

A: Your internship ends Friday afternoon in your last week after your day at the hospital.

You have the opportunity to stay at the Try Medics house to the following day so you have plenty of time to pack before your departure home. We recommend that your flight ticket have a return date on Saturday of your last week. It is most common our students fly home on Saturday in their last week.

Q: What is the currency at the destinations?

A: On Zanzibar the currency is Tanzanian Shilling and in Uganda the currency is Ugandan shillings.

The first Monday of your internship you will get a guided tour of the city you live in and see where ATMs are. generally, you should not use US Dollars for anything other than your visa.

Q: What else do I have to spend money on?

A: On Zanzibar you should expect to spend about 4-8€ per day on lunch if you eat lunch in town after the internship at the hospital. There is also the possibility to eat left overs from the day before at the Try Medics house. Often you and your fellow interns go out together to eat, which is a nice opportunity to discuss the day’s experiences with others. There are many great international restaurants in Stone Town. You can get Tapas, burger, sushi and more.

In Uganda all meals are included. You will come home to a warm meal at the Try Medics house after a day at the hospital. Fear not! There will also be opportunity to go out to eat in Mbarara, Uganda at good restaurants. These are just a 15 min taxi drive from the Try Medics house.

For both destinations we recommend around 60-90€ in pocket money per week so you have for shopping, optional activities, eating out etc.