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Try Medics - Terms & Conditions - Try Medics


“We,” “us” or “our” refers to Try Medics IVS.

“You”, “your”, “you” and “your” refers to the customer.

Accommodation and food

We provide accommodation and food for the period of stay.
For security reasons it is not allowed to invite or allow a person who is not Try Medics students into the house without permission from the Try Medics local opholdskordinator.


You must arrange adequate travel insurance covering the duration of your stay in the hospital before departure. We can help you find appropriate travel insurance, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are covered appropriately. Your travel insurance must at least cover emergency care and repatriation.


We help you obtain appropriate visas and work permits to stay, but the issue of these is at the discretion of the authority concerned and is beyond our control. Requirements subject to change without notice or a visa can be denied. We can not accept responsibility for the consequences of this.
You are responsible for your passport, visa and any travel documents are valid for the duration of your stay.
Discounts and Deals

For group travel with minimum 5 subscribed to the same residence offers 10% discount. To get this discount should be minimum 1 of the registered write the names of all people in the group and at the same time write to travel together in the ‘comments’ when registering. This discount can not be combined with other offers and discounts.

Changes and cancellations made by you

Additions and cancellations must be notified in writing to our Danish office via e-mail or post. Our staff can help and advise, but an oral agreement will not constitute a change to your contract with us.
In case of cancellation by you, we will refund the fee depending on how much time before the stay start date you cancel, since a significant portion of the fee you pay is used or attached to the budget before the start date of your stay:
– Cancellation more than 90 days before the stay start: full amount refunded.

– Cancellation between 60 and 90 days before the stay start: You do not get the deposit refunded, but the balance.

– Cancellation less than 60 days before: no refund.

If you want to postpone your stay, we will try to accommodate your wish. The conditions for cancellation will, however, be applicable in relation to the original scheduled date.
We reserve the right to make changes after the start of the stay.
Dropping out during the stay, we can not refund any of the amount.

Changes and cancellations made by Try Medics IVS

The details of your stay (hospital, department and accommodation) may differ from those originally provided to you. We do our best to minimize changes and inform you immediately if changes will occur.
In a few cases we may have to cancel your stay. In such cases we will inform you not less than 30 days before your residence start date and refund all fees you paid. This also applies if the course does not obtain the minimum number of participants (5 participants). We can not take responsibility for other costs such as flight. We recommend that you ensure you to cancel flights.
If cancellation occurs due to circumstances beyond our control, including security threats, terrorist activities, political instability, natural disasters or epidemics, we will refund your payment minus expenses already incurred.

We are here to help you and our staff in Denmark and abroad will do its best to provide a good service. In case of complaints, we have made a formal procedure below.
We give you the chance to get first-hand experience in a busy hospital and it follows that you will have to show a high degree of autonomy and initiativtagen, in special in connection with problems as they arise. If there is something you find hard to handle, or that you think is our responsibility to solve, you should follow this procedure: Consult with our opholdskordinator on target. Opholdskordinatoren will be at the destination and this person has the greatest understanding of the local situation and he / she will do her best to help you. If you are dissatisfied with the immediate response or you feel the time it takes to solve the problem is too large, you should present your complaint to opholdskordinatoren writing. If you remain dissatisfied with the response to the complaint, send the complaint in writing to the Danish office via mail or call the number +45 50 94 91 48.
The above procedure exists to enable us to identify and deal with problems and complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible. Failure to follow this procedure may impede our ability to help you and make the wait much longer. We will not be responsible for problems and complaints are not brought to our attention as the above.
Your responsibility

You agree to keep confidential all sensitive patient information during your stay.
When you are at the hospital or another institution, you bind yourself to their rules and must comply with these.
We reserve the right to act in offensive behavior that affect hospital staff opholdskordinatoren, the host country, fellow students or others. This includes abusive behavior, drunk closet and absence of work without sufficient reason.
One problem we regard as serious would be brought to your attention in writing or if you are contactable, delivered to you by opholdskordinatoren. The problem is not resolved, you will be removed from the program. If you then choose to stay at your destination, we are not responsible for your food, housing, insurance or travel arrangements.
It will be, in our view, to suspend you from your work during this process.
We reserve the right to refuse a person if this would be in the best interest of the program’s health and safety. In such cases, we take no responsibility for the flight fee or other costs that you may incur.
The proper law between us is Danish law. The courts in Denmark have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with the contract.
Please note that your registration has been accepted with the understanding that you come on the program at your own risk. It is not possible for us to be responsible for acts committed by third-party individuals we do not have direct control over, such as employees of airlines, transport companies and others.
We are not responsible for damage, accidents, delays or other irregularities which may be caused by defect of any vehicle or equipment that is not ours.
Luggage and personal belongings are at all times the owner’s responsibility.
All services performed at the destination is subject to the host country’s legislation.
It is not legal to receive paid work during their stay. Visa and work permit does not cover this.