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The healthcare system in Africa - Try Medics

The healthcare system in Africa

Sep 23, 2016, Lene Bjerggaard Nielsen, Nursing student

The Danish health system is a labyrinth of guidelines, instructions and documentation which contrast sharply to the healthcare system in Africa.. In the meeting with the African health service your comfort zone will be challenged and you will need to cross some personal boundaries. At the same time you will experience the joy, excitement and happiness from seeing a mother holding her newborn child after a critical and hectic birth. The resources and capacity of hospitals on Zanzibar are moderate while the professionalism is present and enriching. Africa can challenge you on both your professionalism and personality and it is important to know your own areas of competence and boundaries.

Personally my limits and professionalism have been challenged despite being three years into my nursing studies. You can come to almost any department you want and be challenged by knowledge, experience and own values. The meeting with a whole different culture can give you food for thought, as their culture is so important a part of their perception of life. Part of their culture is openness and curiosity. People are interested in you and try to involve you in their culture and their values while at the same time being very curious about our culture.

In meeting with the healthcare system in Africa you will experience feelings like joy, frustration, annoyance, happiness, curiosity and a host of other emotions. I strongly recommend traveling with Try Medics. You will get a unique experience and a sociable stay as you will be living together with your fellow students.

  • Lene Bjerggaard Nielsen, Nursing student


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