Zanzibar, Tanzania

Would you like an internship on a tropical island with an average temperature of 30°? Zanzibar island is filled with exotic options and a relaxing environment. Zanzibar offers many tourist attractions like dolphin tour, diving, sea-safari, spice tour and more. The island’s size means that the many attractions can be done as a day trip. Most of these activities will be included in your stay. Read more about Zanzibar and what you will experience around your hospital internship.

Mbarara, Uganda

With Uganda’s rich wildlife and beautiful scenery, this destination offers unique experiences in amazing surroundings you will never forget. Included in the stay is a weekend safari, where you will discover the animals from the Lion King! Furthermore you get to go on an adrenaline packed weekend trip with river rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking, kayaking and horse riding by The White Nile river. Whether you would like to see the wildlife on the savannah or get your adrenaline up, Uganda is the right choice for you. Read more about Uganda and what is included around your hospital internship.